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Resorts and accommodation

There are nine main resort areas in what is referred to as the Tourism Development Area- the palm-fringed coastline, and virgin golden sands, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Outside this area, there are exotic camps mainly situated on the banks of the beautiful River Gambia, a meandering flow situated at the heart of this tiny nation.


The Gambia makes a holiday memorable one from river cruising, fishing, village tours, to African wrestling, bird watching, trekking, horse and camel riding, and adventure trips. Musical events, family visits, evening entertainment, cultural orientation, and sporting events. The choice is yours!


Nature lovers will derive pleasure visiting Abuko Nature Reserve and other varied bird and wildlife sanctuaries as well as cruising on the River Gambia. The Gambia is a Birdwatchers Paradise! Visitors can also see a variety of tropical plants as well as monkeys, crocodiles and other wildlife. Dolphins and hippos are spotted on the river.

People and Culture

The Gambia has a population of over 1.5 million people belonging to eight ethnic groups as well as fairly large communities from neighbouring West African countries, and elsewhere. Hospitality is second to none! We are an open and inviting society. The people live harmoniously in communities, freely exercising their religious and cultural traditions. Gambians are recognized all over the world for their spontaneous warm smile, their peace-loving nature and their hospitality.


Hotels and restaurants in The Gambia serve various international and African cuisines. Gambians have a variety of delicious dishes, which are mainly prepared with rice (staple food of the country), millet and maize.

Arts and Craft

The fun is the conversation and bargaining.
The craft markets outside the main hotels offer a large variety of antique masks, carvings, batik products, hand woven fabrics, leather work and jewelry. Prices for these products are affordable, and the whole process of picking what you like for the right price is an experience not to be missed. The fun is in the conversation. Locals often engage visitors in conversation whilst negotiations go on. In the end both buyer and seller come out acquainted through a healthy dialogue of a cultural exchange-this is typical of Gambian hospitality and warmth, embrace it.


Like other African countries, The Gambia has a variety of traditional musical instruments and the most famous of them is the Kora - a 21 - string harp. The drum is also popular, because it plays a major part of the culture in most of the ethnic groups; whether it is a wedding, or a naming ceremony, the drum has kept communities informed and entertained for many centuries.


This is a popular excursion, inspired by the historic epic, based on the classic novel of the tragedy of the slave trade and triumph of freedom, a full circle, inspired by Alex Haley bestseller and movie “Roots”. The long and drawn out saga commenced in rural Gambia, in a village called Juffureh, and tracks almost five generations across the mighty Atlantic Ocean to the USA, and back. The Gambia’s little known continuation is steeped in this true story of survival, love of country, people and freedom immersed in strong linkages of tradition and culture still seen today. And, although slavery has long been abolished, the ancestors and direct descendants of the hero of many extracted Africans in the Diaspora, Kunta Kinteh’s trail can still be followed from his birthplace in rural Gambia. A converted yacht takes you on a three and a half hour journey to Albreda – a former French trading post. Then a 15 minute walk to the village of Juffureh – Haley’s ancestral home where you will meet a descendant of the Kinteh family. You will see a slavery exhibition in the museum before re boarding your boat and the continuing journey to the former slave fortress of James Island. On the return journey, you may be allowed to swim with the dolphins!
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